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Debit Cards

1. I just received my new debit card in the mail, what do I do now?

  • For easy one step activation, go into your local MBT office and a personal banker will assist you in activating your new card.

2. If I can't make it in to an MBT office can I activate the card myself?

  • Yes, you can activate your card by calling Shazam at 1-866-590-4793.  Your card may be used for signature based transactions without assigning a PIN number.  This option may be helpful if you receive your card on the weekend or after banking hours.

    To activate your card with a PIN number call your local MBT office and a personal banker can help you obtain an Easy PIN Reference Number.  Once you obtain that number call Shazam at 1-866-590-4793 and select option 1 to Pin your card.

3. Is it possible to activate my card at an ATM machine?

  • If you have received a new card because your existing card has expired it may be activated by using your existing PIN number at any ATM nationwide or calling 1-866-590-4793.

Ultra Checking

1. Do you have to put $15,000 in the Ultra Checking account to earn the high interest rate?

  • NO!  You do not need to have $15,000 to earn the "Ultra Rate" with Ultra Checking.  If you meet all of the requirements each month you earn the "Ultra Rate" for that month.  Being able to earn that rate is not tied to the balance.  However, if you have over $15,000 in the account, and meet the monthly requirement you will earn the lower "Ultra Rate" on the balance over $15,000.  So, in that case you are earning a blended rate.

Mobile App

1. Is there a charge to use the MBT App?

  • No, MBT does not charge for using our mobile app.  There is a small charge for using the Remote Deposit feature within the app to deposit a check to your account by taking pictures of the check from your phone .

2. What is the charge for depositing a check with my phone through the mobile app?

  • The fee for each deposit is $0.25. One check is allowed per deposit.


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