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Board of Directors

The current board of directors for MBT Bank  includes the following members:

  • John V. Hanson, Chairman of the Board
  • David L. Kingland, Vice Chairman of the Board
  • Mary J. Boman
  • John J. Hanson
  • Linda Kay
  • Randall C. Pruisner
  • Dennis J. Busta
  • Jonathan D. Klaassen







Forest City

  • Dennis J. Busta
    Dennis J. Busta

    President & CEO

  • Randall C. Pruisner
    Randall C. Pruisner

    SVP, CFO & Cashier

  • Jonathan D. Klaassen
    Jonathan D. Klaassen

    SVP & Sr. Loan Officer

  • Darin Theel
    Darin Theel

    VP & Sr. Ag Loan Officer

  • Merri-Beth  Hollinger
    Merri-Beth  Hollinger

    VP, Sr. Operations & Trust Officer

  • Michael D. Koch
    Michael D. Koch

    VP, Ag Lending

  • Jennifer L. Jenkins
    Jennifer L. Jenkins

    VP & Real Estate/Consumer Loan Officer

  • Matthew K. Jennings
    Matthew K. Jennings

    Director of MBT Investment Center

  • Lee J. Lambert
    Lee J. Lambert

    Director of Insurance Services

  • Nicole S. Ochoa
    Nicole S. Ochoa

    Director of IT

  • Rachel L. Stensrud
    Rachel L. Stensrud

    Director of Loan Support & CRA Officer

  • Amanda Cink
    Amanda Cink

    Director of Deposit Services

  • Jared R. Schnebly
    Jared R. Schnebly

    AVP & Commercial/Consumer/Real Estate Loan Officer

  • Ryan L. Arndorfer
    Ryan L. Arndorfer

    Marketing Officer

  • Arlene K. Arndt
    Arlene K. Arndt

    Sr. Insurance Representative

  • Troy E. Hall
    Troy E. Hall

    Sr. Financial Services Officer

Clear Lake

  • Timothy J. Esbeck
    Timothy J. Esbeck

    Community President – Clear Lake

  • Kent E. Thoe
    Kent E. Thoe

    Vice President, Ag & Commercial Lending – Clear Lake

  • Jennifer L. Cash
    Jennifer L. Cash

    AVP, Retail Sales & Office Manager

Crystal Lake

  • Anne K. Brandt
    Anne K. Brandt

    SVP, Human Resources & Compliance Officer 

Lake Mills

  • Scott R. Drexler
    Scott R. Drexler

    Community President – Lake Mills

  • Brian R. Knudtson
    Brian R. Knudtson

    VP, Ag Lending

  • Bradley A. Skinness
    Bradley A. Skinness

    AVP, Commercial/Consumer Lending


  • Thomas M. Heepke
    Thomas M. Heepke

    Community President – Rochester

  • James R. Siegel
    James R. Siegel

    VP, Commercial Lending

  • Roxanne M. Hellickson
    Roxanne M. Hellickson

    VP, Sr. Residential Lender & Business Dev. Officer

  • Thomas M. Heepke
    Steve Chappell

    VP, Commercial Lending

  • Andy Mai
    Andy Mai

    AVP, Credit Administration